How to invest in Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency

Get into Bitcoin investing.  It's not too late!  Let me show you what I've learned and the mistakes you don't have to make.

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Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News

Latest crypto news in easy to read format.   Any and all technical terms and references will be explained at the bottom of each blog post.

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Trends and trading.

Since starting cryptocurrency trading in November 2018, I've quadrupled my portfolio without any knowledge of stocks or trading. Let me help you avoid the mistakes I've made and the many things I've learned from being a bitcoinoob.

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Bitcoinoob Main Goal

Hey ya'll!   I am a restaurant owner and realtor and have no experience in stocks or trading or even in investing; but in the last 4 months, I have learned so much about trading, bitcoin, and cryptocurrency that I wanted to share this info with everyone.  Another reason for this website is that still sOOooO many people don't have the fundamental understanding of Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency world.  I want to share any new knowledge I learn and also grow with the readers of this blog.  Also, the coins that I am invested in, I will back it up with other sources (even I dont trust myself sometimes)  so you can be sure you'll invest in a winner everytime. Well, most everytime.


Binance url and referral

Binance is one of the most trusted and biggest exchanges in the world.  Use this link to sign up (referral too) so that it takes you straight to the site and on your way to investing in cryptocurrency.